Grand Challenge Program

Erik Draeger with simulation

An image from a 25-picosecond, 1,700-atom Qbox simulation performed on the Vulcan supercomputer shows a lithium-ion cell anode–electrolyte interface. This calculation was carried out in support of a DOE SciDAC project— a 5-year, multi-institution effort: John Pask, PI; Vincenzo Lordi; Mitchell Ong. Visualization by Liam Krauss. Pictured, Erik Draeger, Qbox at LLNL.

The Computing Grand Challenge Program allocates significant quantities of institutional computational resources to LLNL researchers to perform cutting edge research on the LC capability computers.

15th Annual Computing Grand Challenge Call for Proposals Due July 17

The Computation Directorate has issued a call for proposals for projects requiring significant unclassified computing resource allocations (greater than 25,000 node-hours/year) on institutional capability systems for up to one year.

This call for proposals to use high performance computing (HPC) resources is open to all Laboratory scientists and engineers. Current grand challenge principal investigators must reapply to be considered for continued computer time. Projects can request allocations on Lassen, Quartz, Ruby or some combination of these systems.

Approximately 15 to 20 proposals will be selected to receive these significant allocations. To be considered, proposals must address a compelling, Grand-Challenge-scale, mission-related problem that pushes the envelope of scale and methodology in capability computing while promising unprecedented scientific and/or engineering discoveries. Collaborators (either academic or industrial) are encouraged. A successful project would be expected to receive high-level recognition from mission sponsors, the computing community and the scientific community at large.

Note that the Computing Grand Challenge program does not award or cause to be awarded any funds – proposals selected for award through this call are expected to be fully funded, either institutionally or externally.

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail by Friday, July 17, 2020 to in PDF or MS Word format. All proposals must adhere to the proposal content and length guidelines, which have changed significantly relative to previous years. Acknowledgement of receipt of your proposal will be sent within two business days. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please resend your proposal. Grand Challenge computing allocations awarded under this program will be announced October 26 , 2020.

Grand Challenge Projects/Allocations

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Grand Challenge Utilization Data

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