The Institutional Computing Executive Group (ICEG) is an oversight group of interested users from the various directorates. Typically, these individuals are appointed by their Associate Directors (ADs). This oversight group will attend regular meetings hosted by the M&IC Program Director. In general, ICEG members will:

  • Review M&IC progress and recommend technical direction. The ICEG will prepare a report for the Deputy Director for Science and Technology and the AD for Computation as needed. 
  • Act as the chief representatives for their directorates or areas. Members are encouraged to communicate directly with the M&IC Leaders.

In addition, Strategic Capability points of contact (POCs) are responsible for managing respective allocations as defined in Strategic Capability High Performance Computing: Governance Approach.

ICEG Members

  • Jim Brase—Computing

  • Ian Darnell—Engineering

  • Lori Diachin—Computing

  • Tom Epperly—National Ignition Facility

  • Bob Ferencz—Engineering

  • Jeffrey Hittinger—Center for Applied Scientific Computing

  • Oggie Jones—Weapons and Complex Integration

  • Andreas Kemp—Physical and Life Sciences

  • Steve Langer—Weapons and Complex Integration/National Ignition Facility

  • Felice Lightstone—Bio Sciences

  • Joe Morris—Physical and Life Sciences

  • Mehul Patel—Weapons and Complex Integration

  • Robert Rudd—Physical and Life Sciences

  • Terri Quinn—Computing

  • Eric Schwegler—Office of the Deputy Director for Science and Technology

  • Randy Simpson—Weapons and Complex Integration

  • Jamie Van Randwyk—Global Security

  • Becky Springmeyer—Chair 

  • Trent D'Hooge—Technical Advisor 

  • Greg Tomaschke—Technical Advisor  

  • Kyle Wendt—Physical and Life Sciences    

Strategic Capability POCs

  • Computing—Bruce Hendrickson
  • Engineering—Bob Ferencz
  • Global Security—Jamie Van Randwyk
  • National Ignition Campaign—Mark Herrmann
  • Physical and Life Sciences—Eric Schwegler
  • Weapons and Complex Integration—Randy Simpson

M&IC Leaders

The M&IC Leaders focus on internal technical issues and are responsible for the unclassified computing environment. They lead a team of systems, storage, and documentation experts to create an environment that is acceptable to all stakeholders.

  • Becky Springmeyer—M&IC Program Director
  • Greg Tomaschke—M&IC Deputy Program Director