Grand Challenge #4 Awardees

The Computing Grand Challenge Program allocates significant quantities of institutional computational resources to LLNL researchers to perform cutting edge research on the LC capability computers. Proposals are reviewed by a lab-wide committee of researchers on the basis of the expected visibility and impact of the computational approach and anticipated scientific results. Most projects selected for Grand Challenge are awarded Tier 2 allocations, which corresponds to a substantial allocation on LC capability machines. A small number of highly-scored proposals are awarded larger Tier 1 allocations each year to showcase the highest visibility computational science currently being conducted at LLNL.

November 1, 2009–November 1, 2010

Tier I

PI Project Title Host Allocation
Hau-Riege, Stefan Single-Molecule Imaging at LCLS uBGL 2000 104000
Klein, Richard The Advance of UQ Science with Application to Climate Modeling/ICF Design/Stockpile Stewardship Science Atlas 200 10400
Hoffman, Robert Supernova Grand Challenges on Atlas Atlas 200 10400
Chuang, Cathy Very-High-Resolution Atmospheric Simulations with Interactive Chemistry and Sectional Aerosol Microphysics Atlas 200 10400
Kemp, Andreas Large-Scale Modeling of Intense Short-Pulse Laser Interaction for HEDLP and Fast Ignition Atlas 200 10400
Caspersen, Kyle First-Principles Planetary Science uBGL 2000 104000

Tier II

Kramer, Kevin High Fidelity Burnup Analysis and Subsequent Full System Modeling for Laser Inertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) Atlas 50 2600
Antoun, Tarabay Mesoscale Modeling of Granular Materials under Dynamic Loading uBGL 500 26000
Latkowski, Jeff Dynamic Chamber Processes for LIFE Atlas 50 2600
uBGL 500 26000
Rodgers, Artie Global High-Resolution Simulations of Seismic Waves from Nuclear Explosions Atlas 50 2600
Huang, Patrick Ab Initio Atomic-Scale Simulations of the Electric Double Layer at the Alpha-Alumina(0001)/Electrolyte Interface uBGL 500 26000
Gilmer, George Modeling of Ultra-Short Laser Pulse Ablation uBGL 500 26000
Rudd, Robert Alloying Effects on Material Strength from First-Principles uBGL 500 2600
Goldman, Nir First-Principles Computational Design of Catalytic Materials Atlas 50 2600
Xu, Xueqiao Gyrokinetic and Fluid Simulations of Turbulence and Transport in Tokamak Plasmas Atlas 50 2600
Eggleton, Peter Stellar Structure and Evolution with Djehuty Atlas 50 2600
Moriarty, John Toward Petascale Atomistic Simulations with Quantum-Level Accuracy (Alloys and Dynamic Fracture) Atlas 50 2600
uBGL 500 26000
Totals   Atlas   59800
uBGL   364000