Grand Challenge #12 Awardees

The Computing Grand Challenge Program allocates significant quantities of institutional computational resources to LLNL researchers to perform cutting edge research on the LC capability computers. Proposals are reviewed by a lab-wide committee of researchers on the basis of the expected visibility and impact of the computational approach and anticipated scientific results. Most projects selected for Grand Challenge are awarded Tier 2 allocations, which corresponds to a substantial allocation on LC capability machines. A small number of highly-scored proposals are awarded larger Tier 1 allocations each year to showcase the highest visibility computational science currently being conducted at LLNL.

October 2017–September 2018

Tier I

PI Name Title
Vasily Bulatov Cross-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Jim Glosli Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Plasma Shocks
Pavlos Vranas The Origins of Matter

Tier II

PI Name Title
Justin Angus Optimizing Z-Pinch Plasma Neutron Yields Through High-Fidelity Kinetic Modeling
Richard Berger Laser Propagation and Backscatter Simulations for Innovative Hohlraum Designs
Alfredo Correa Non-Adiabatic Dynamics Applied to Electronic Conductivities
Erik Draeger Boosting the Effectiveness of Neonatal Surgery Through Simulation
Helgi Ingolfsson Development of a in silico assays for measuring drug induced changes bilayer properties
Nuno R. C. Lemos Simulating Laser Plasma Interactions on NIF/ARC for Compact Particle and Photon Sources
Jeffrey Parker Towards Transport-Timescale, First Principles Simulations of Tokamak Fusion Reactors
Sofia Quaglioni/
Erich Ormand
Computing Atomic Nuclei - Exploring the Universe Through a Nuclear Lens
Nicolas Schunck Fission of Heavy Elements and Nucleosynthesis
Xiaohua Zhang Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer