Grand Challenge #3

The Computing Grand Challenge Program allocates significant quantities of institutional computational resources to LLNL researchers to perform cutting edge research on the LC capability computers. Proposals are reviewed by a lab-wide committee of researchers on the basis of the expected visibility and impact of the computational approach and anticipated scientific results. Most projects selected for Grand Challenge are awarded Tier 2 allocations, which corresponds to a substantial allocation on LC capability machines. A small number of highly-scored proposals are awarded larger Tier 1 allocations each year to showcase the highest visibility computational science currently being conducted at LLNL.

June 1, 2008–November 1, 2009

Tier I

PI Project Title Host Allocation
Bader, David
Mirin, Art
Ultra High-Resolution Coupled Climate Simulation Atlas 160 11787
Eggleton, Peter Stellar Structure and Evolution Atlas 160 11787
Fluss, Mike Predictive Properties of Plutonium with Dynamical Mean Field Theory Atlas 100 7367
Hinkel, D.E.
Still, C.H.
Towards a Predictive Capability for Laser Backscatter in NIF Ignition Targets Atlas 165 13155
Klepeis, John Impurity and Alloying Effects on Material Strength from First Principles Atlas 150 11050
Lightstone, Felice Complete Mechanistic Understanding of Small Molecule Binding to Acetylcholinesterase and the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor: Free Energy Calculations for Future Drug Design Atlas 110 8103
Tang, Miejie Dislocation Patterns: Fractals or Cells? Atlas 140 10313

Tier II

Caspersen, Kyle First-Principles Planetary Science Thunder 60 4420
Goldman, Nir Long-time Scale Shock Dynamics of Astrophysical Ices Thunder 60 4420
Hawreliak, James Ramp Compression of Metals using MD Simulations Thunder 50 3683
Kemp, Andreas Intense Short-Pulse Laser-Plasma for Fast Ignition and Other Applications Thunder 60 4420
Latkowski, Jeff Toward High Fidelity Neutron Transport Analysis for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems Using Deep Burn Atlas 50 3683
Law, Richard Simulation of Membrane Protein and Nanodisc Particles Thunder 45 3315
Maxwell, Reed Application of a Terrestrial Hydrologic Cycle Simulator at Sub-Continental Scales Atlas 50 3683
Moriarty, John Petascale Atomistic Simulations with Quantum-Level Accuracy Atlas 120 8840
Navratil, Petr Ab Initio Nuclear Structure and Reactions with QCD Thunder 25 1842
Rodgers, Arthur Advanced Explosion and Earthquake Simulations Thunder 35 2578
Streitz, Fred Direct Numerical Simulation of Hot Dense Radiative Plasmas Thunder 55 4052
Xu, Xueqiao Gyrokinetic Simulations of Turbulence and Transport in Tokamak Plasmas Thunder 30 2210
Totals   Atlas   88768
Thunder   30940